Home colors

Colors are essential in a home as they distinguish it, giving it style and character.

The spaces in which we live are the mirror of our way of being and living everyday life.

Precisely for this reason, as needs or moments of life change, you can get tired of the choices made in the past and you may want to renew the rooms.

Changing the color of the walls, the sofa, the furnishing accessories can be fun and even simple if you decide to be helped by a professional in your choices.

The service is also aimed at you who have purchased a newly built or recently renovated house, and now you have "carte blanche" for customization and you have to choose colors and materials from the specifications.

Why contact me?

You may be thinking that you can do it all by yourself: you can browse home magazines, get some ideas and put it into practice.
Choose your favorite color and apply it to the walls, but also download a guide to the use of color and study to create the right combinations.

Now everything is within everyone's reach, so I don't deny that the perfect idea for you can come by looking at an image of another house.

But think how long it will take you to do this research, without the certainty that the reference image found fits perfectly in your environment.

From experience I tell you that each space has its own characteristics and particularities and is therefore unique and must be studied and designed as such.

Choosing the colors to match the materials and shapes of the furnishings is not at all simple if you want to get an excellent result.

I will help you in your choice, offering you a color palette and a decorative project that adapts to the atmosphere we want to create in your home, saving you a lot of time and giving you the certainty of the result you were looking for.

And if you have an income property, I will help you find the right compromise between low cost and a captivating look to increase the value of your property or entice guests to book a stay at your facility.

How it works?

After the first contact, an appointment will be made to carry out a first inspection.

During the inspection, you will tell me about your needs and tastes so that I can follow them during the planning phase.

It will also carry out the survey of the space to be renewed if necessary.

If the distance of your home does not allow or makes the exit for an inspection uneconomic, we can carry out the same service in online mode (a video call will be fixed in which I will explain how to proceed).

Within 2 weeks, I will send you a table with images of the materials and accessories chosen especially for you, accompanied by a personalized color palette.

What it includes:
  • Preliminary inspection with relief.
  • Plan in internal distribution plan.
  • Custom color palette.
  • Decorative project with precise indication of colors and accessories to be purchased.
What does not include:
  • Labor and related costs.
  • Materials, coatings, floors and furnishings.
  • Works management.
  • Business coordination.
  • Design of other spaces.
  • Executive design of custom-made furniture.
  • Travel costs outside Milan.
How much?

The “house colors” consultancy costs from € 487.
The price refers to a small apartment, studio type, or a similar space. For complete projects of larger properties, a customized estimate will be created.
If your property is located outside the Municipality of Milan, contact me and I will inform you of the travel cost to be added to the cost of the service.

Do you want us to go and order materials or furniture together?

I can accompany you to the showroom of a partner retailer who will reserve you a special discount reserved for my customers.
This service has a maximum duration of 3 hours and costs € 180.00.

Do we give a touch of color to your home?

Contact me by e-mail
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Do you still have any doubts?

Please, read the FAQ.

Yes. The indicated price is finished to the customer, therefore inclusive of expenses and social security contribution.

Sure. After the bank transfer has been received, a regular invoice will be issued which I will either send you by hand or send by post.

Travel costs are calculated based on the estimated time to reach the location and on live transport costs.

It depends on the service. The timing of the individual services is indicated.

Yes, I have businesses and craftsmen to indicate to you in case you don't already have your trusted workers.

Regarding the services "Your safe real estate investment", "renovate your bathroom without worries" and "house colors", payment is made in advance.
For the most important complete interior design projects, installments will be communicated.

We will decide together what your priorities are and we will adapt the activities to carry out to your budget ensuring you achieve the desired result.

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