Laura Galli

We all have a world of things inside ourselves.

Luigi Pirandello

I am an architect.
I live and work in Milan.
I love to design spaces, from A to Z, and I believe that beautiful architecture can make people feel better.
I am creative, precise and attentive to detail.

I am passionate about technology, social media and communication.
To communicate, in any way, is to open up and show your uniqueness.
We all need to be heard and understood.
The spaces we live in must reflect our way of being and living in order to feel good.

I am a marathon runner.
I am used to setting goals in life that I do my best to achieve.
Determination, perseverance and patience have always been my valid allies in life.
I love spending time with my racing team: I am a second family for me.

I'm a photographer.
Photographing is a way of drawing, with light.
I love light and its shape and colors.
To photograph is to indelibly fix memories, travels, meetings.

I am a traveler.
Adopted by two countries for a long time, Ireland and Australia, I then returned home.
Home is a word that makes the heart vibrate and makes us feel loved and safe.
I am curious about the world, but also about the human soul, always smiling and happy to meet new cultures and people.

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If you weren’t an optimist, it would be impossible to be an architect.

Norman Foster
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