Interior design of home or room

The great "classic": the renovation.

This service is in fact designed for you who have to completely or partially renovate your home, even with structural interventions, such as the demolition and reconstruction of internal walls, system renovation, and so on.

There is nothing more fascinating than a complete renovation, the personalization of a space that will be redesigned on your needs and way of life. Fascinating but also frightening because it is often difficult to keep all variables under control.

With my help, all your doubts or fears will disappear.

You can contact me even if you simply need to modify or renovate one or more rooms of your apartment: I will put my experience and professionalism at the service of any type of project, even that of small spaces that can prove to be much more complex than you can imagine .

Why contact me?

For more than 16 years I have been dealing with renovation of apartments, from project to delivery.

For more than 16 years I have been making tailor-made projects for my clients and supervising works on site. I enjoy saying that mine is a dirty job because I'm always dusty.

I do it because I love this job.

I know the psychological implications that a restructuring entails and I will be able to support you even in moments of despair, because there will be but we will overcome them together.

As a qualified architect and registered in the professional register, I will be able to follow you at all stages, from the project to the construction supervision, up to the delivery of the apartment.

You will not need to personally solve construction site problems, you will not have to worry about running businesses, you will not have to spend hours on the internet looking for answers to technical questions.

How it works?

After a first contact, a free cognitive meeting will be arranged at my studio.

We will get to know each other and you can tell me about yourself and your home, how it is and how you would like it, the reasons why it no longer satisfies you.

I will give you some first advice and explain how I work. Each project is unique so it is important, from the beginning, to make a list of your needs and the activities that I will have to carry out to meet them.

Within 2 working days from our fact-finding meeting, I will send you a first estimate for an initial project phase including: inspection of your property, detailed survey and its graphic return, 2 internal distribution options with furniture insertion and destination of use of the rooms to choose from (preliminary project), meeting at my studio to choose the project you prefer, drawing up a listed plan of the chosen project (final project). [Step 1]

This first phase will last approximately 2 weeks from the day of the inspection.

During the study meeting for the analysis and choice of the project proposals, I will submit a second detailed estimate to follow you in all subsequent activities. [Step 2]

The timing of the subsequent phases will be agreed together on the basis of the complexity and size of the project.

What Step 1 includes:
  • Preliminary inspection.
  • Detailed survey of the property.
  • Graphic rendering of the relief with internal measurements.
  • 2 preliminary design options with furniture layout.
  • Meeting at my office for product material analysis.
  • Final project plan.
What Step 2 includes:
  • Description of works for requesting quotes from businesses.
  • Metric calculation.
  • Procurement contract.
  • Building practice.
  • Security coordination.
  • Custom color palette.
  • Executive project, with a dimensioned plan indicating the electrical system, coatings and floors used, colors, and any other details, in 1:50 scale.
  • Interior decorative project with precise indication of colors, materials and furnishing accessories to be purchased.
  • Executive design of custom-made furniture.
  • Artistic direction.
  • Works management.
  • Business coordination.
  • Cadastral data sheet update at the end of the works.
What does not include:
  • Labor and related costs.
  • Materials, coatings, floors, taps, bathroom fixtures and furnishings.
  • Travel costs.
How much?

The first cognitive meeting at my studio is free.
The cost varies according to the size of the property, works to be performed, required activities, etc...
I will give you a personalized and detailed estimate for Step 1 after the first meeting and for Step 2 during the second meeting in the studio.

The house you've always dreamed of is one click away from you.

Contact me by e-mail
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Do you still have any doubts?

Please, read the FAQ.

Yes. The indicated price is finished to the customer, therefore inclusive of expenses and social security contribution.

Sure. After the bank transfer has been received, a regular invoice will be issued which I will either send you by hand or send by post.

Travel costs are calculated based on the estimated time to reach the location and on live transport costs.

It depends on the service. The timing of the individual services is indicated.

Yes, I have businesses and craftsmen to indicate to you in case you don't already have your trusted workers.

Regarding the services "Your safe real estate investment", "renovate your bathroom without worries" and "house colors", payment is made in advance.
For the most important complete interior design projects, installments will be communicated.

We will decide together what your priorities are and we will adapt the activities to carry out to your budget ensuring you achieve the desired result.

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