Your safe real estate investment

This advice was created for you who are looking for a property, that you are about to buy your first home or change your current one home or you have capital to invest in real estate.

Even in times of uncertainty, the real estate sector does indeed represent one of the safest ways to invest your money, especially in Italy and, even more, in Milan.

The haste or extraneousness to this sector can create anxieties and fears.

Are you sure you have done the math well, taking into account all the expenses you will have to incur?

Do you know how to quantify the costs to be incurred for the renovation?

Did you make a short survey to figure out if the cost per square meter you are to argue is correct, also thinking about the resale of the property?

And again, have you identified the technical aspects to leverage to lower the asking price and having a leading part in the negotiation?

If you think a real estate agent can solve your doubts or give you the right advice, you're wrong.

You will have to do the right calculations and, only consequently, you can take the right decisions.

A professional in the sector, with his technical expertise and his experience will remove all your doubts, give you the right advice and calculate for you the real values ​​of the operation.

She will be your best ally to conclude the deal as a protagonist, making your real estate investment safe.

Why contact me?

Buying a house is certainly not like buying a pair of jeans or buying a car.

The amount that is made available is in fact important and, in most cases, a mortgage must also be requested, with a consequent thought lasting for years.

Furthermore, a building or apartment is a complex system full of unknowns for a non-expert.

For all these reasons, choosing a property can create worries and anxieties.

My intervention, giving you all the elements and analyzes to be able to make a peaceful and conscious choice, wants to relieve you of the weight of stress and worries, making pleasant what in all respects is the beginning of a beautiful adventure: that of a new home.

Furthermore, thanks to my technical and economic analysis, I can also give you some ideas to be able to negotiate on the price, also saving you money.

How it works?

After a first contact, they know how to set the time and place of the appointment.

I will accompany you during the visit of the house, making you notice all its critical points and potential. I will ask the real estate agent for information on the building and the apartment, to understand if these are complete and exhaustive. I will answer your questions and doubts that may have arisen during previous visits. I will do a rough survey to get an idea of ​​the internal surface of the apartment.

I will bring a checklist with me which I will fill in and give you at the end of our appointment.

At the end of the inspection, we will stop together to continue the analysis on the property, with particular attention to the economic aspect that cannot be addressed in front of the real estate agent during the visit.

I will take the property value tables with me, we will evaluate the economic request, the additional costs to consider and we will make a preliminary estimate indicative of the works to be carried out.

This will give you all the elements to make a personal evaluation and to be able to make your choice with the certainty of not neglecting any element.

All the advice and additional notes, the result of our comparison, will be shown on the check list that will be delivered to you at the end of the appointment.

What it includes:
  • 1 hour and a half consultancy including a visit to the property, a survey and subsequent evaluation meeting.
  • Full checklist and additional notes.
  • Transfer to the municipality of Milan.
What does not include:
  • Detailed survey.
  • Preliminary project.
  • Urban planning verification.
  • Transfer out of the Municipality of Milan.
How much?

The inspection with the drafting of a check list / report carried out in the Municipality of Milan costs € 280.00.
If the house is located outside the Municipality of Milan, contact me and I will inform you of the travel cost to be added to the cost of the service.

If you continue with a complete renovation project, the cost of this service will be discounted.

Do you have more than one house to see?

Contact me for a package quote where I will also offer you a comparative consultation between the houses viewed.

Do we make an inspection together?

Contact me by e-mail
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Do you still have any doubts?

Please, read the FAQ.

Yes. The indicated price is finished to the customer, therefore inclusive of expenses and social security contribution.

Sure. After the bank transfer has been received, a regular invoice will be issued which I will either send you by hand or send by post.

Travel costs are calculated based on the estimated time to reach the location and on live transport costs.

It depends on the service. The timing of the individual services is indicated.

Yes, I have businesses and craftsmen to indicate to you in case you don't already have your trusted workers.

Regarding the services "Your safe real estate investment", "renovate your bathroom without worries" and "house colors", payment is made in advance.
For the most important complete interior design projects, installments will be communicated.

We will decide together what your priorities are and we will adapt the activities to carry out to your budget ensuring you achieve the desired result.

If you still have questions or to book your appointment

Are you going to see a property for the first time?
Do you want some advice from me?

Some time ago, a dear friend of mine who lives in Rome called me to share with me his will to make an investment in the field real estate.

He confessed to having several doubts and fears since, not being in the industry and being his first experience, he would have liked it have me, as a professional, to have support in the selection and choice of the property to renovate and make income.

The distance, however, prevented daily assistance from me and we are then came to an agreement: I would have sent him "guidelines" from follow during the inspections and, once a property has been identified that a his opinion could have been the right one, I would have gone with him to make one second inspection and confirmation site.

This method worked very well with him and I therefore decided to make available to all these guidelines, hoping they can help in finding and selecting an house to buy.

Please note: at the moment the guide is only available in Italian.

Have you read my guide and want to try filling in my check list yourself?

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